Information of  Storage bag and Washing bag

Storage bag, wash bag

The bag for storing washing and maintenance items can also be referred to as bath bag, bath bag and bath bag. Getting up early is only to facilitate the storage of toiletries when taking a bath. It has developed into the storage of toiletries and maintenance items, tourism carrying goods, etc. It provides convenience for our daily life.

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essential information

The bag used for carrying toiletries, such as eye black, lip gloss, powder, eyebrow pencil, sunscreen, oil absorbent paper, towel, etc., is one of the necessary items for people on business, tourism and long-distance travel.
Wash bag can also be referred to as bath bag bath bag.

Material classification

Folding simple plastic bath bag
Folding leather bath bag

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As the name suggests, its material is made of leather. Compared with the simple plastic bath bag, it can be said to be an upgraded product, and its shape is also different. The known shape is roughly divided into round, rectangular, square and so on! Some leather product bath bags are equipped with exquisite patterns, which are suitable for different people!

Rubber mesh bath bag

The material is completely made of plastic mesh material, which has the characteristics of water leakage and ventilation. The washing utensils contained in this bath bag are easy to dry and will not produce all kinds of peculiar smell. It is more suitable for long-distance travel. Due to the particularity of this material, its surface cannot be printed with all kinds of fonts and patterns!

Leather rubber mesh combined bath bag
This product is a combined bath bag with leather material as the main material and rubber net as the auxiliary. The rubber net material is mainly equipped with the bottom and both sides of the bath bag. It aims at drainage and exhaust, which solves the sealing of the whole leather bath bag!

Imitation linen bath bag

The most popular kind of bath bag! What is imitation flax? In fact, the main material is still a very strong rubber hard net, and its surface is like the shape and color of flax,

Its advantage is that it is resistant to high temperature and low temperature and is not easy to break. The maximum load-bearing of this kind of normal bath bag is about 15kg.

Post time: May-24-2022